Kater Holzig Kreuz

About us

When the banks of the river spree were still empty fallows, techno was underground and party-culture left the clubs and moved outdoors we found each other and, over the years, grew into a collective. Inspired by the richness and colorful spectrum of the awakened party culture and freedom in Berlin, we combined our divers interests and talents to a multi-layered output. We took our part in building major cornerstones of Berlin club-history.

Predominantely we design and build experiencial spaces and interiors. We are specialized in clubs, entertainment, social and event-spaces – playgrounds for adults. …It´s all about creating an inspiring and facilitating atmosphere.
As a logical progression we also offer to fill spaces with content: music and djing has been our passion ever since. We nourish our extravaganza by full fledged stage performance. To round it off we run a mobile kitchen to serve you yummy stuff for your tummy.

In a flat-hirarchy or as an „empty-centered organism“ we aim for an outburst of creativity without separating disciplines. Pushing the envelope to us means also supporting each other instead of limiting ourselves. We don´t separate what we do from how we do.

Our twisted styles are at your service!